Here's X mins of the 45-minute special that marks the RETURN of XOW Season 7. missed you love you click the thing and listen! x 

It's immediate flirting, unexpected cuteness, and 18 minutes of absolute poison. 

There's genuine heaving in this. 

In which we discover Kris is named after some guy, a whole heap of shit about funny mutants, who could carry a comedy show and who could carry the jac...View Details

The film buff is back to task about that poorly tempered walnut that has been a choatic breath of fresh air to the Marauders set. 

You're going to like this one! 

Y'know, sometimes I feel like I haven't said anything new in a while, then an episode like this comes in. The perfect question with the perfect guest,...View Details

Is an era new if it's three years old? Some may say yes. Come see Beau smash his first episode while we discuss the reasons we're still hooked! 

Avalanche? the other earthquake guy? chile you know about as much as me, so here are two people who know the character as well as you can. Welcome, To...View Details

A tease for your ears on a subject we shouldn't even have to be talking about realistically, let's be sensible with ourselves on this internet. 

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