SWING KINGS, Hermes hits the seat to talk about who has really won the egg era! Your loss is their gain. Another episode going live on patreon.com/xof...View Details

Your loss is their gain. The episodes you didn't choose are going live on Patreon.com/xofwords. So here's a little taste of what you're missing! Remem...View Details

All previous skinfolk claims have been reversed! Arny joins me to speedrun Cecilia's character bio!

It's Herm. It's her. It's here. 

Michael is back and the vibes are still immaculate. Come chill and meet Eden Fesi

JUDGEMENT DAY TWO: You chose your survivor! And it's a classic! Steve and I put three options on the table for our top queer mutants. Who's yours?

Judgement day one! Caleb joins me to talk about the bald headed baddie herself, the Amber Rose of mutant Genocide. 

We're all up in the pit so let's be all up in the pit! Chris joins me hungover for his debut episode on which of the legendary bastards should be THEE...View Details

The creator streak continues as I get candid with the cartoonist behind my favorite cover for X Lives Of Wolverine! Jump in!

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