Gerry returns and we throw the whole format as I speedrun 20 questions submitted by the XOW Patreon community! It's everything you'd expect of this po...View Details

So, this one was about the worst x-teams we could imagine, but there's no chance Gerry was gonna hit the seat without talking about...well...everythin...View Details

PATIENCE DONE. I sat on this episode for FAR FAR too long to be honest it was giving me anxiety bit the time is now! Here's your sneak peek into an ho...View Details

We finally got around to answering those questions you submitted in a 30min GIANT-SIZE! Patreon members are about to have a BIG S06 kickoff so I figur...View Details

If you have any good memories of me. Think of that goodwill I've built before you hit play. 

DIGITAL DROP! Look it's a good-ass time to be a Patreon, is all I'm saying. 40mins+ of @winnnnno @unimpressedfave and @thehermeister cutting UP about ...View Details

Now you got to know we don't condone animal abuse but this animal is literally not real and also may have played a role on Jan 6th we simply do not kn...View Details

Like everything Steph touches, this is gold. Do yourself a solid and come join! 

You know every season has to have a new format, and this might be my favourite one. They VS, you vote! Hit play, the outcome's all down to you...

Michael joins me again to introduce you to Bishop. Jump in! 

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