We aint dead yet! I mean some of them are but not we! come join. 

you see the question and you know how to hit the link I'll see you in there family! 

probably the best monologue of this podcast's history. I'm changing the intro after this. Snatched bald. 


you don't need and explainer you just need to hit play! We can't say none of these people's names chile 

a giant-sized helping of mess, pitching, bickering, horny fawns, slanderous names and more belly laughs than i could count. take a listen and make you...View Details

Take a mf guess 😮‍💨 Girl we're swinging from the beginning in this one, but don't be fooled! It might sound like we hate each other, but once you get ...View Details

I had to concede, a win is a win. I had to let him come have his moment. It's less of a question and more of a vibe. If you've been around for a while...View Details

This is THE dumbest shit ever. It's a new format. The host is the guest the guest is the host nothing matters everything is yelling. Enjoy. 

We're BACK. This was meant to be a whole diff episode but someone bailed last minute so i grabbed someone high and someone drunk and made this! Enjoy!...View Details

Here's X mins of the 45-minute special that marks the RETURN of XOW Season 7. missed you love you click the thing and listen! x 

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